What Does Florida Have To Offer

When most people think about Florida, they automatically think about the southernmost state and they may even refer to it as the “Sunshine State.” Although they may be correct, the state of Florida has much to offer and unfortunately, those benefits are often overlooked by most people who are visiting and some who even live in the state.

The state of Florida is unique in that it has more coastline than any other state in the United States. Not only is that coastline located along the Atlantic Coast on the east side of the state, it is also on the west side along the Gulf of Mexico. Quite simply, you don’t have far to go to travel from one coast to the other and it is certainly possible to watch the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean and then watch it set over the Gulf Coast on the same day.

The cultures in the state of Florida are also quite diversified as well. Depending upon where you are in the state, you may be dealing with a specific culture and that can be seen in the type of architecture in the area as well as the type of foods that are offered. As an example, Miami has a largely Spanish influence, and there are certainly many Spanish delicacies offered at local restaurants.

The culture is not only limited to a Spanish influence; throughout the state there can be found many different cultures that include African-American, Native American and European American. Each of these brings something unique to the state and it is a melting pot of those cultures that makes it unique in America.

If you’re planning on visiting the state, there are many attractions that you would not want to miss. Of course, it would include Orlando and the area of Disney World but you should also consider visiting St. Augustine, the Florida Keys and perhaps even spending some time on the Treasure Coast. Regardless of where you stay, there will be plenty of beauty and lots of things to do.

For those who are interested in visiting the state of Florida, proper planning can help you to get more out of your travels. If you already live in Florida or if you’re planning on making a move to the sunshine state, planning is also necessary to make the proper decisions along the way. In any case, Florida is a choice that will always be beneficial to make.